adSaddle Racks for you Horse Trailer, Barn and Tack Room

We’re proud to bring you an exceptional saddle rack to maintain the condition and value of your saddle. Our high-quality products, including the rack or a combination kit with mounting post and clip, are easy to install in a range of places, whether a trailer, barn or tack room. We offer several pricing and purchase options.


Saddle Rack

Our premium saddle rack can hold a Western Saddle better than any other rack on the market and is also built to hold English saddles, blankets and accessories. This high-quality item is made from high- impact, injection-moulded polypropylene with a 2” square cavity for mounting, giving you a long-lasting, reliable rack. With the SaddleMate rack you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

•  Maintains the condition and value of your saddle

•  Installs easily in a trailer, tack room or barn

•  Well ventilated to allow saddle to dry quickly


All prices include GST.

Note: if you are purchasing multiple kits and hangers, postage may be cheaper if the order is split.

















Kit 1

Kit 1 comprises of 1 Mounting Clip, 1 Mounting Post and 1 SaddleMate Mould. Kit price $148.50    Go to Shop

Extra Mounting Clips may be purchased when you buy your kit at $33 each

This kit is our biggest seller, due to being so convenient to use either in your barn or for your trailer, our easy install system makes it possible to take your Saddle Mate from your tack room to use in your trailer, or visa versa.Kit-number-1

All you need is an extra clip fixed to the wall or your tack room and your trailer, either screwed or welded, and your lightweight Saddle Mate post and mould slides easily in and out of either clip.

This is a perfect way to keep your saddles in shape in your tack room, and holds your saddles in place while you travel, no more saddles on the floor of your barn, or opening the trailer to find your steed standing all over your saddles!




Kit 2English-saddle-on-single-rack---Copy

Kit 2 comprises of 1 SaddleMate Mould, 1 Lightweight Post and 1 Portable Single Hanger. $170    Go to Shop

Single Hanger by itself without Mould $88

This kit is perfect for your barn or at shows, is easy to use, and unlike traditional portable saddle stands, take up very little space, and is conveniently and easily packed away.

The single hanger fits easily over most stable doors, and saddle mould can be easily removed when not in use.











Extendable Kit – This kit has a Handy Portable Hanger, comprising of 1 x Extension Hanger (which conveniently hooks over your stall door or barn wall and has a base designed to take extensions), 1 x Lightweight Post and 1 x SaddleMate Mould. $170  You can then hook as many Extensions as you like.    Go to Shop

Extensions – Each extension comprises of 1 Extension Hanger, 1 Lightweight Post and 1 SaddleMate Mould. $154

Extension Hanger by itself without Mould $88

Single Extension by itself without Mould $88

These space saving Saddle Mate extensions are designed to hold multiple saddles, the sturdy extension rack multiples can be easily added on to accommodate as many saddles as you wish.

The easy to use lightweight system just hooks into each other, then all you do is slide your saddle mould on. You can hang as many saddles as you like. The steel extension pieces are designed for strength, and can take the heaviest of western saddles. Easily installed, just hang your first piece over a stable wall or door, and then add your pieces individually.

The Extension hangers are fabulous at the shows, where you have more than one saddle in your tack room, or are ideal for your barn or trailer.